Friday, April 14, 2017


Giving Easter eggs is so Easter 2016.... pfft!
Easter 2017? Its about beautiful bling at ridiculous prices,shipped to you for FREE.
Sorry Australian customers only
Simply email your order & postal address to
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Once payment has been received, goods will be shipped!


Art Deco Darling Earrings - $15 a pair

Mykonos Earrings - $15 a pair

Tasseltastic Earrings - $15 a pair

On Safari Earrings - $15 a pair

Sparkle & Shine Earrings - $10 a pair

Pom Pom Earrings (only one pair available) - $15 a pair

Colourful coin purse/clutch (one only) - $20

Star bracelet - $5 each

Wishbone bracelet - $4 each

Shell Bracelet - $4 each

Black & Gold Bracelet - $5 each

Coin Bracelet (only 2 available) - $4 each

Black Peace Sign Bracelet - $5 each

Gold & Orange Bracelet (one only) - $4 each

Aqua Bangle (two only) - $10 each

Hot Pink Bangle (one only) - $10 each

Pink Peace Sign Bracelet - $5 each

Dainty rose gold necklace (one only) - $15

Multi layered bright necklace (one only) - $25 each

3 strand gold necklace (only one left!) - $10 each

Double Strand Marble Statement Necklace - $10 each

Triple Layer Dainty Necklace (one only) - $10 each

Turquoise Statement Necklace - $15 each

Miss Fisher Necklace - $20 each

Brat Pack Necklace - Blue - $20 each

Brat Pack Necklace - Orange - $20 each

Boho Beauty Necklace (one only) - $15 each

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Best flats for under $60 - asos, you complete me.

I'm super short. I'd wear heels. But so would everyone else. So I was still short. Comfort is key. I love a good flat shoe, and refuse to wear anything but (a wedge at a stretch). Here are some fun & flat (and fabulously priced) shoes from asos. (just because, not sponsored in anyway)

I'm FINALLY heading to North America for three weeks in August so I'm in major shopping SHUT DOWN. But it doesn't mean I can't compile some fun list for everyone else... right??

I think this can only be good for the blog. Posting what I want to purchase rather than actually punching in the credit card numbers... still the same rush. (that's what I'm telling myself anyway)

Oh, and all under $60  - happy days!

1. Unicorn flat (you're welcome) 
2. Silver pointy (a must have staple - obviously)
3. Leopard Print  (its the new black - keep up!)
4. Flamingo Flat (Palm Springs 24/7)
5. Sparkly Bow (I may have broken the 'no shopping' vow for these)
6. Avo Taco (no words)
7. Rose Gold (yup)
8. Black & White (classics)
9. Pink Metallic (get it in your cart now)