Sunday, January 22, 2017

La La Land, Dahlias, Rose, Ebay & Bargain Bling - these are a few of my favourite things

I know, I know - second post for the year and it is still January. But I figure if Trump can become President of the United States, pigs must be flying over so I should write another post.

Love me the movies. And a bit of singing and dancing. So no surprise that I LOVED La La Land. I had no preconceived ideas, I knew they must dance and sing, and that it had Ryan Gosling (no further explanation needed) and the adorable Emma Stone in it.

To steal the words of my father (well it was a text really...) after hearing I was at the movies watching it - 'For me it was brilliant, clever and creative besides being original'.  I concur.

Em was expecting more, she wanted more Luhrmann-esque grandeur and more singing and dancing (i hope I have quoted you correctly sweets!) - but it was perfect to me. Actually up there as one of my favourites now I've had more time to think about it.

Even if you don't love the storyline, the cinematography, set design and costumes smashed it out of the park for me. I really haven't seen anything like it. You often forget what era it is set in. Just when you think it is old school movie someone pulls out a mobile phone or jumps in a Prius.

The only bit there was a bit of debate about with Dad was the ending, but I don't want to spoil it. But if you have your own opinion on the movie I would love to hear it.

The soundtrack is on spotify - I know what I'll have on repeat for the next week.... Here is one of my favourites...

This following YouTube link should probably only be watched if you have seen the movie, or you don't mind a spoiler. I think it sums up my opinion of it beautifully. Pure Escapism but also a study on what truly constitutes a 'happy ending'.

This week we had the funeral of my 96 year old Grandma - 'Grandma Brown'. She indeed had a complete life, 96 years of pretty much no ill health and of sound mind, probably the last year saw her mind failing, and the last two months her body deteriorating. So you can't be sad, but I do grieve the loss of her, the end of an era and have spent much time remembering who she was and what she represented. One thing both my grandparents were known for was their unbelievable gardens.
Bunches of sweet peas I took back to the boarding house at the start of the new school year, the fuchsias my sister and I would cheekily go and pop in their lush shade house, the 'fruit carpet' grandpa would make with all the excess fruit, long before there was ever such a thing as 'fruit rollups'.

Grandpa always had a camera around his neck, so we have an incredible collection of photographic history of our family. I recalled the photo above, and it was used in Grandma's funeral -  and when I put two and two together I realised it was a patch full of dahlias she was standing in, my favourite flower. Maybe this passion was an inherited one and not just one of pure chance.

I love that I will be continued to be reminded of them, including old memories that I didn't realise I still have. A stunning pick of straw flowers in my instagram feed today reminded me of the ones they grew. We would take them back to Burra as kids and decorate our room with them.

Caught up with one of my favourites today - Yes we had crossed paths just once when we were barely 20 and knew of each other,  but I'd like to think that I can thank the 'www' and the 'blog' for introducing us. (good things can happen on the web I promise) - Caught up on everything over some seriously fabulous wine. Rose even. Nice and dry, just how I like it. South Australian (of course) - Mazi. Delish. Get it here.

Her daughter even drew an incredible likeness of Chuck Bass The Cat. Cute right? If you've seen him on instagram (and lets face it, who hasn't given he has over 2k followers, more than the BBT account has. pffft) - this sums up the fur kid perfectly....

OK, Almost finished.... I have some fabulous clothes I've never worn (but stupidly taken the tag off) - and gorgeous pieces I've bought on eBay that have never fit but always held on to because 'maybe if I go on that diet that I will never go on,  I might be able to wear'........

Having watched the brilliant doco 'Minimalism' by the minimalists on netflix, its time to purge this stuff. I've long surrounded myself with 'stuff' to make up for what I felt was other shortcomings in my life. ENOUGH!  Its time to go you 'gorgeous clothes that I will never fit into even if I lost limbs and cut out major organs' So I need some tips? best way to sell? I thought eBay, but a few people have mentioned facebook pages. Even perhaps gumtree? If you have any hints and tips I'd be most appreciated.

So that's enough 'dear diary' - but lets face it, that was what the original blog always was. And I need it again. So here it is. But to bring it back to the shop, here is a reminder that we are winding up 'bbt bling' and we have some serious bargains on offer. And all jewellery orders are posted for free, AND we are sending a fab 'gift with purchase' on every jewellery order. Oh and super cool sale in general still happening here.

ciao ciao xx

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  1. Loved this post and the flower photo with your grandma is beautiful.
    I'd suggest that if anything is a reasonably good brand to take it to a local consignment store. I've found eBay to be full of people wanting bargains. I've ended up starting things low to get bids, then having it backfire on me when they sell for that amount, and it's not worth your time to even go to the post office.
    I now consign anything that is in good condition, and donate anything that isn't a brand name or is just a one off or something that I can't be bothered driving to the store for. I've used Marilyn's Vento Depo on O'Connell St, but I think there's one on Magill Rd, and there's another on Unley Rd. If you've got a tonne of stuff it saves you a lot of time taking photos, uploading and dealing with the questions etc. They usually like to take things that are in season, so keep that in mind.
    Enjoy the purge! x