Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Adore Book - on sale

If you the love the fabulousness that is Loni's Adore Magazine and you are yet to get your hands on her beautiful book, you've got no excuse now as we have it available - AND on sale. Now only $30, usually $55.

Ha..... Ha.... Haaaaaaaaa

It's been such a lovely surprise to see Apartment Therapy using photos of my house from their tour of the SFC (single fronted cottage) late last year in Facebook and Instagram posts recently.

This one cracked me up though - good old Chuck sitting on the couch (that is IN the hallway/walkway I know, but I needed more seating in the lounge room and it was the only place I could put it) - advertising their article 'how to live alone without feeling lonely'.

Classic - you gotta laugh....... 

And I promise you, I am laughing. No problems being single I say.