Monday, October 19, 2015

Make yourself at home.... With Kate Spade.... our BFF, right?

As if Kate Spade wasn't killing it in the clothing, shoes, accessories and gifts department, they go and do this. Kate Spade Home. Make yourself at home? Don't mind if I do.... Damn the Aussie dollar and their lack of shipping overseas (I've already wasted too much hot air on this)

We carry a gorgeous range of Kate Spade via our online store, but imagine having this beauty that is there ' home decor range' available in Australia (actually no, thats good i barely make it from pay cheque to pay cheque as it is...) - Right Kate, this is a good thing???

And to top it off, they use the best furry props you could get (short of chuck bass. of course.. right?!) - that be a cute minature schnauzer. Andie? I'd call Kate Spade direct, tell them Emmy is ready for the Australian release of all things Kate Spade Home  (and arrange a contract that will ensure we can all afford rooms o Kate Spade Home Decor) xx

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