Saturday, September 19, 2015

Books & Bloggers

 Get a copy of Anna's absolutely beautiful book at most good books stores in Australia.

Its so exciting to see so many bloggers I've followed for years publish books. Hard covered, glossy photos, tangible, coffee table worthy books.

Of course I love being 'one the line' visiting blogs, pinterest, tumblr, emags. I spend way too much attached to my phone looking at instagram. But nothing beats the real thing. An actual book. Filled with all of your favourite things.

Pride of place on (in) my coffee table, complete with a gorgeous message from Anna is my copy of "Absolutely Beautiful Things". Loni's Adore book is a fabulous collection of my favourite homes as featured in her magazine. That is also within easy reach from the couch, along as hard copies of some of her mags.

I stumbled across the fabulous news that Anne Sage has a book out called "Sage Living" this week. Yay!

And probably my current most favourite design crush, Emily Henderson is putting the final touches on her book, Styled. (out October 13)

Definitely a good idea to put one or all of these on your your Christmas lists friends - you can some serious eye candy to flick through as well as a piece to help style up your coffee table/book shelf. (its the gift that keeps on giving..)

Oh and speaking of Christmas Lists - we are starting to receive the most stunning stock in store, all ready to help you buy the best gifts for your nearest and dearest this year. Keep an eye on the site and sign up to our newsletter to enjoy special exclusive offers leading up to the festive season. Super pretties from Bloomingville just yesterday. See them here.


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