Thursday, August 6, 2015

By special request for the little sis.....

So the little sis wants to know where the cushions in the above pic are from. She has a very similar couch and wants to recreate the look. 
Call me the decorating detective!!! (or not.... call me whatever.... um... yeah)
Of course this gorgeous shot comes from the inside of a brilliant Swedish home.
SOOOO let's see if we can recreate the look with some cushions that are available locally.

First up - the teal cushion. This 'vintage washed linen' pretty by Home Republic in teal  is $59.95 (including fill) - and available at Adairs. 50 x 50 cm. If  you wanted to go a bit lighter, the same cushion in spearmint might also be a good choice.

Next the cute little mustard cushion - this one is in velvet. 35 x 45 cm from Citta Design. $32.90 for the cover only, you will need to purchase the insert separately.

While we are talking Citta Design, they have a sensational collection of cushions at present. This one in particular took my eye and would work in with this combo perfectly as well. 

The pink was a little harder to decide upon. A different texture would be good, and in the pic it kind of looks like a standard bed pillow - so perhaps a great standard pillow case with a super big fluffy standard pillow to fill it out.

This pale pink chambray fabric is the business from no chintz. A 40 x 40cm cushion is $80, and you need to order a minimum of two, and doesn't include insert. but look at that fabric and colour - delish! You can even pick the piping colour - eeks! i'd definitely go cranberry piping.

If you wanted to go velvet again, this Kip & Co one is a good one

Damn - then I find this european pillow case from Sheridan. But sold out everywhere. Boo.

oh oh ok - good old etsy has come to the rescue. I love both of these, both a bit different - the burlap comes with lots of different size options. yay.

The embroided/patterned cushion reminds me of the exquisite cushions that often feature in Megan Park's Home collections. I'm really struggling to find a good option for the white and coloured pillow - which is very frustrating. Leave it with me though - it will pop up when I least expect it, I'm sure.

And if you need a couple of cute owls as well, I'm sure etsy will provide some options.

I love a treasure hunt on the www. Let me know if you are looking to replicate a look you love, happy to help! x

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