Friday, July 31, 2015

Pinning Pattern

I'm a pinning fiend. It's actually why I started a blog way back in 2009 (may it RIP.... )

No such thing as pinning back then. We put stuff on our blog that we saw that we liked on the www (or even in print media - oooooh I know! we scanned it in and stuff) - so we could share with friends. Damn it, why didn't I think of pinterest.....

So hence why I spend a lot more time pinning than I do blogging these days. I feel a bit of a fraud. Great blogs now have original content. And fabulous original content at that. The best I can do at occasional original content is instagram. With a couple of filters slapped on for good measure.

I used to really struggle that I wasn't of the same standard at these fabulous new bloggers. But for them it is a huge passion, a business/career even. And for me it was never that, and never will be. So I'll stop feeling so intimated, and get back to my 'blogging roots'. That is, keeping a record of stuff I love to share with my friends, and a place to log what I love(d). Eeks dare I say it, a bit of a journal.

There are enough pressures in the world let alone the pressures we put on ourselves. And the ones we put on ourselves tend to be the harshest and yet, the most unrealistic pressures. Enough. Sooo....

Here is a collage of some of my favourite pins of late. See my boards here.
Love the colour 'palette' - its the one we use for Brown Button Trading. Happy Days xox

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  1. ah! it has been wayyy too long since i popped in to visit brown button on the blogesphere. oh, kb i have missed you. love this post, and don't you dare, even for a second, try to tell me that you're not one of these 'fabulous bloggers' you speak of.
    l o v e xx