Sunday, May 10, 2015

sucker for a succulent

Loving this. Needing to freshen things up at home. Not getting rid of the colour - just mute it a bit?

Hope to channel these pics and other pretties from The Sill's tumblr when I finally get round to it.

The garden is in 'mid makeover' mode... the yucca's are well and truly gone. Kind of looks like the set of the new mad max movie out there at the moment. But now isn't a great time to put in new plants so Spring it is.

And I want to get a bit boho - so a kilim rug it is for the lounge room. Now just to decide. Normally I find it ridiculous to find anything I love in the rug department.  This time I have the opposite problem, I love every rug Fond Industries has - just have to some how decide which one to settle on!

Speaking of which, the beautiful work of Fond Industries will soon be available via Brown Button Trading

oh oh, and speaking of Brown Button Trading - 50% off sale finishes tonight! Use the discount code 'mum' at the checkout to receive the discount. Happy Mum's day! x

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