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SFC Backyard Makeover - THE BEFORES

October 2014 - brownbutton instagram account

October 2011 - images via 

October 2011 - images via

June 2009 - images via

June 2009 - images via

Chuck Bass doing his best koala bear impersonation as he tries to hot foot it out of here..... 
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I was incredibly fortunate when I purchased the SFC (single fronted cottage) that everything was 'done'. The only significant things I did was the wallpaper in the kitchen, built-ins in the bedroom and the cabinetry in the lounge room.

The outdoor courtyard provided just enough space for me to entertain and enjoy - and thankfully not much maintenance. 

I've included some images of the backyard at the SFC to date. The guys I bought it off of did the major renovations and extensions after they purchased it in 2009. The floor plans and photos indicate that the backyard used to be an 'L shape', mostly concrete. But I love that there was a hills hoist!!! 

Much of that space was taken up when it was extended and renovated - a much better use of the area.
2011 is only 4 years ago but look how small those yucca plants were! - My first memory of seeing the place (AFTER I had bought it and settled - remember I bought it while living overseas via the internet - talk about extreme online shopping...) -was how nice and shaded and lush the backyard felt. The neighbours had a great hedge that hung over the back fence, but by the time I moved in it was gone. 

I got the outdoor lounge at start of last year and its been fabulous! But the yuccas have gone nuts (and aren't really my thing) and chuck bass used to attempt breakouts more often than I care to mention thanks to that bloody bamboo sheeting stuff (he is an indoor only cat but would let him out in the courtyard if I was out there) - photo above is evidence of his naughtiness?!

The plants and space thus far have served their purpose and been great as I've spent large chunks of time away from home. But i'm home more now, and i'm content (well, as much as my budget allows) with the indoors, so now to make the garden more 'me'.

Prompted by mum and dad giving me money for my birthday a couple of months back to go towards the backyard makeover - dad and my uncle removed the yuccas and took down the bamboo a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm, one broken chainsaw and a few physio visits later the space is looking pretty horrific right now. But this now allows me to have a good think about what I want there while we wait out winter before we replant and landscape.

So next up? some snaps of the wasteland that is currently the outdoor area of the SFC, and a few of the inspo pics i've been collecting. Stay tuned......

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  1. Oh KB! Your backyard has always been super inviting, but I am very excited to see the transformation after you sprinkle some more Brown Button magic out there. xx
    p.s. Look at that mother chucker climb!!!