Thursday, May 7, 2015

Oh Reese - love it

Just when I didn't think I could love this woman more - she now has her own lifestyle website.

Yes I know, a celebrity with a lifestyle website is nothing new - but I likey this!

And something tells me miss kate, this will be right up your alley way as well xxx

Draper Jones - named after her Grandmother Dorothea Draper and grandfather William James Witherspoon (cute isn't it!) , the products are al inspired by her Southern upbringing.

Not all of it is for me, but I have a few favs.

Just as well this is sold out, because I've just invested in some gorgeous things similar. (oh but to own something in 'nashville navy'.... how brilliant!)

Cute outfits, but here we are heading into winter.

Best bit - they've thought of us outside of the USA. International shopping available.

Grace and charm indeed x

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