Sunday, May 31, 2015


Excuse the nasty screen shot and blurriness of the images above. But i'm sure you'll forgive me when I share with you these ridiculous bargains!!!

First up - my fav of the two - the brilliant canvas featuring a map of New York. Its huge and comes ready to hang. And its only thirty bucks. Yes. THIRTY DOLLARS!!!! Get yourself to your closest cheap as cheaps and pick yourself up this beauty. Holly bought hers this weekend while we were styling their family home for sale. I've got one too, brilliant for the hallway. um, just again, in case you were skim reading before..... $30!!!!

Anything Hamptons is to die for, and normally a bit on the expensive side. perfect example - the adriondack chair (or as I have come to call it, the 'anorak chair' or  the 'acca-dacca chair' - yes i know.... i'm sorry...)

Standard starting price for these? $500 (at least!). But cheap as chippies have them for $110. Yup! You need to put them together... (hey, there has to be some catch!) - but they do the job and give your outdoor space that Hamptons feel. - I can't give you any guarantee of their longevity but at that price if they last you one summer you have to be happy.

Love a good bargain. I think it is all about mixing low and high end - spend good money to get quality on key long term pieces but keep it fresh and fun by seeking out great bargains when you can.

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