Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Christmas Pop Up Shop

That time of the year again friends. If you live in Adelaide we would love to see you at 19 Brigalow Avenue, Kensington Gardens for our Christmas Pop Up Shop. 20% off all full priced stock. Special guest retailers, nibbles and bubbles (of course!) xx

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Christmas is very very close people. I'm not joking.
And whilst we put the finishing touches to the planning of our pop up shop (Adelaide friends - 27-29 November in Kensington Gardens, stay tuned for more details via our facebook site) - we would like to share some great little goodies and gift ideas to everyone.

Our pencil sets have long been one of our most popular and loved items. Exclusive to Brown Button Trading there are four sets that include six pencils each. $10 a set, we are currently giving away one set for every set purchased.

Yes, buy one get one free, two for the price of one, buy one take one - call it what you want. But for every set of pencils you buy, we will give you an additional set free. Buy 10 sets, get 10 sets free. Buy 3 sets, get 3 sets free. I think you get where we are going with this. 

Please note that the free set may differ from the set you have purchased. And the offer will only last as long as stocks last.

Buy yourself a pre christmas treat, a great teacher's present, secret santa/KK present, stocking suffer or a little something for a good friend.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

C is for Canva

Oh how the universe saves us from ourselves..... I wrote a massive rant on how tough having an online business is and how an application like Canva is a saving grace without (i don't think) disrupting the graphic designing industry.  It's allowing little shoppe's like ours create some really basic graphic work without needing to fork out lots of cash or understanding how to use complex software. And there was a fair bit of other text on the trials and tribulations....

BUT - internet dropped out and my pages of crazy were lost 'on the line'. Clearly divine intervention....

If you haven't heard of Canva, get informed. If I can use it, anyone can. Copy for facebook, instagram and any other social media platform. Content for newsletters or blogs. I've just spent the evening using custom dimensions to make some slideshow images as seen here for Brown Button Trading. Just quietly, lots of fun because we have the best stuff available this #bbtsummer.  Happy days fellow online business peeps xox

Monday, October 19, 2015

Make yourself at home.... With Kate Spade.... our BFF, right?

As if Kate Spade wasn't killing it in the clothing, shoes, accessories and gifts department, they go and do this. Kate Spade Home. Make yourself at home? Don't mind if I do.... Damn the Aussie dollar and their lack of shipping overseas (I've already wasted too much hot air on this)

We carry a gorgeous range of Kate Spade via our online store, but imagine having this beauty that is there ' home decor range' available in Australia (actually no, thats good i barely make it from pay cheque to pay cheque as it is...) - Right Kate, this is a good thing???

And to top it off, they use the best furry props you could get (short of chuck bass. of course.. right?!) - that be a cute minature schnauzer. Andie? I'd call Kate Spade direct, tell them Emmy is ready for the Australian release of all things Kate Spade Home  (and arrange a contract that will ensure we can all afford rooms o Kate Spade Home Decor) xx

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Books & Bloggers

 Get a copy of Anna's absolutely beautiful book at most good books stores in Australia.

Its so exciting to see so many bloggers I've followed for years publish books. Hard covered, glossy photos, tangible, coffee table worthy books.

Of course I love being 'one the line' visiting blogs, pinterest, tumblr, emags. I spend way too much attached to my phone looking at instagram. But nothing beats the real thing. An actual book. Filled with all of your favourite things.

Pride of place on (in) my coffee table, complete with a gorgeous message from Anna is my copy of "Absolutely Beautiful Things". Loni's Adore book is a fabulous collection of my favourite homes as featured in her magazine. That is also within easy reach from the couch, along as hard copies of some of her mags.

I stumbled across the fabulous news that Anne Sage has a book out called "Sage Living" this week. Yay!

And probably my current most favourite design crush, Emily Henderson is putting the final touches on her book, Styled. (out October 13)

Definitely a good idea to put one or all of these on your your Christmas lists friends - you can some serious eye candy to flick through as well as a piece to help style up your coffee table/book shelf. (its the gift that keeps on giving..)

Oh and speaking of Christmas Lists - we are starting to receive the most stunning stock in store, all ready to help you buy the best gifts for your nearest and dearest this year. Keep an eye on the site and sign up to our newsletter to enjoy special exclusive offers leading up to the festive season. Super pretties from Bloomingville just yesterday. See them here.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Save The Date

We are making a list, and we are checking it twice..... a list full of brilliant buys and ideas to help you with your Christmas shopping this year.

If you are in Adelaide please mark your diary with these dates as we would love to see you at our Pop Up Shop (that's the official name anyway, its also a good excuse to get together and have a champers!)

Its the same weekend as the cricket and the Norwood Christmas Pageant. So hopefully some of our country friends are in town.

More details to come and lots of surprises in store. Keep your eye on the blog, our Facebook site and make sure you sign up to our newsletter on the website.

We have the most amazing range of products to share this Christmas. Think of us when you are planning your gift giving this year.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

HE IS BACK! Chuck Bass the VERY naughty cat.

yep, he's back - and as you can see, as if nooooothing happened..

What a night it was. A facebook site that had posted him missing had reported that a "Grey, beautiful, well looked after cat' had been found deceased near a mcdonalds on a main road very  close to my house.
I was SURE it was him. Distraught I have mum and dad en route to my house and my dear friend Pippa. I contact the site and ask them if they think it might be Chuck - they send a photo of chuck to the people who found the poor deceased kitty.
I was a TOTAL mess. Next minute Pippa is yelling at me front outside the front door. I open the door and there she is HOLDING A VERY ALIVE CHUCK BASS.
As she pulled up and got out of her car, she heard meowing coming from the garden of the house across the road. On investigation there is the little rascal nesting in the bushes.
It was surreal. Ridiculous relief. And chuck? meh. whateves. really didn't care much. not shaken up - just trotting about once we get him inside.
A ridiculous set of events and such a miracle to have my little fur kid home with me. There was a lot of preening and cleaning going on, as you can see in this pic. And his little paw pads are a tad rough but thats it.
I can't begin to thank my friends, family, neighbors, everyone for looking after me during this time and helping me look for Chuck. 
We are off to the vet tomorrow for a check up as well as attaching him to every type of identification money can buy.
Thinking of that poor kitty that didn't make it at maccas and incredibly grateful chuck is home safe and sound xx

Saturday, August 22, 2015


The fur kid did a runner. Hasn't been seen since Friday night (21/8/15)

If you have seen a british blue cat - no ID in the Norwood or any Adelaide areas (South Australia) for that matter please please please get in contact with me on 0417978705

He is an indoor cat and has never spent more than a couple of hours at a time in my secure courtyard area.

Desperate to have chuckie home, any information would be incredibly helpful.

(and chuck, i promise NO MORE bow ties if you come home..... xox)


Tuesday, August 11, 2015


My dear friend Emma sent me this clip tonight. Um, on wayyyyy too many levels I love this.

First of all, its a bloody brilliant ad. And its fair to say that I am pretty fond of anything 'crazy cat lady-esque' given my ridiculous devotion to my cat, Chuck Bass the British Blue.

But the song. Oh, the song. I learnt the flute as a kid and it got that bit more 'cool' (yes really) - when I got to play songs on my flute accompanied by a backing cassette tape. On my hot pink ghetto blaster (ok, tape recorder...). And this song was one of my favourites.

So if you live in the Eastern suburbs of Adelaide, and you see some crazy woman riding around on a bike with a distressed cat strapped down in a basket this weekend its likely to be me and chuck, attempting to live out this advertisement. Wish us luck.......

Thursday, August 6, 2015

By special request for the little sis.....

So the little sis wants to know where the cushions in the above pic are from. She has a very similar couch and wants to recreate the look. 
Call me the decorating detective!!! (or not.... call me whatever.... um... yeah)
Of course this gorgeous shot comes from the inside of a brilliant Swedish home.
SOOOO let's see if we can recreate the look with some cushions that are available locally.

First up - the teal cushion. This 'vintage washed linen' pretty by Home Republic in teal  is $59.95 (including fill) - and available at Adairs. 50 x 50 cm. If  you wanted to go a bit lighter, the same cushion in spearmint might also be a good choice.

Next the cute little mustard cushion - this one is in velvet. 35 x 45 cm from Citta Design. $32.90 for the cover only, you will need to purchase the insert separately.

While we are talking Citta Design, they have a sensational collection of cushions at present. This one in particular took my eye and would work in with this combo perfectly as well. 

The pink was a little harder to decide upon. A different texture would be good, and in the pic it kind of looks like a standard bed pillow - so perhaps a great standard pillow case with a super big fluffy standard pillow to fill it out.

This pale pink chambray fabric is the business from no chintz. A 40 x 40cm cushion is $80, and you need to order a minimum of two, and doesn't include insert. but look at that fabric and colour - delish! You can even pick the piping colour - eeks! i'd definitely go cranberry piping.

If you wanted to go velvet again, this Kip & Co one is a good one

Damn - then I find this european pillow case from Sheridan. But sold out everywhere. Boo.

oh oh ok - good old etsy has come to the rescue. I love both of these, both a bit different - the burlap comes with lots of different size options. yay.

The embroided/patterned cushion reminds me of the exquisite cushions that often feature in Megan Park's Home collections. I'm really struggling to find a good option for the white and coloured pillow - which is very frustrating. Leave it with me though - it will pop up when I least expect it, I'm sure.

And if you need a couple of cute owls as well, I'm sure etsy will provide some options.

I love a treasure hunt on the www. Let me know if you are looking to replicate a look you love, happy to help! x

Friday, July 31, 2015

Pinning Pattern

I'm a pinning fiend. It's actually why I started a blog way back in 2009 (may it RIP.... )

No such thing as pinning back then. We put stuff on our blog that we saw that we liked on the www (or even in print media - oooooh I know! we scanned it in and stuff) - so we could share with friends. Damn it, why didn't I think of pinterest.....

So hence why I spend a lot more time pinning than I do blogging these days. I feel a bit of a fraud. Great blogs now have original content. And fabulous original content at that. The best I can do at occasional original content is instagram. With a couple of filters slapped on for good measure.

I used to really struggle that I wasn't of the same standard at these fabulous new bloggers. But for them it is a huge passion, a business/career even. And for me it was never that, and never will be. So I'll stop feeling so intimated, and get back to my 'blogging roots'. That is, keeping a record of stuff I love to share with my friends, and a place to log what I love(d). Eeks dare I say it, a bit of a journal.

There are enough pressures in the world let alone the pressures we put on ourselves. And the ones we put on ourselves tend to be the harshest and yet, the most unrealistic pressures. Enough. Sooo....

Here is a collage of some of my favourite pins of late. See my boards here.
Love the colour 'palette' - its the one we use for Brown Button Trading. Happy Days xox

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Girl crush continues....

When you pin an image you love and then you find out who the  house belongs to  and then it all just falls into place.

Remember these images? Of course you do. Pippa Holt's house - these tear sheets are still pinned on the board above my desk.

Pippa Holt went and got all grown up on me - marrying, residing in Dublin  and now has just had her third child, little Oscar. (joining eldest daughter Bay, and son Thomas Balthazar.)- yup girl crush still in tact!

And this is her family home - a 200 year old Georgian townhouse. Stylish and classic, fabulous colour. Yet very much for all the family as well.

Pippa is a Contributing Editor at British Vogue and a fashion consultant (her incredible wardrobe is a dead give away)

I just love Australian born Holt's wardrobe and home - yes please to everything!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Home Styling - by us!

Yep that's right. We are making it official after lots of lovely requests.
We would love to help you decorate / refresh / complete / de-clutter a space for you. Perhaps get your place ready for sale, or decorate your new home. Prepare a room ready for a new arrival or just some overall schemes to work towards. All within your budget and based on what you like.

As well as providing you with details of where to get furniture and fittings, an opportunity to enjoy significant discount on products we can source for you as an interior styling business.

Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you. Email us.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

gorgeous scent for less cents!

I love a few luxuries around the home and candles are my usual go to.

While living in the Philippines on and off for periods of time while in my previous job I used to splurge on Diptyque and Malin & Goetz.

My stash has all but expired since its been almost a year since I was there and working in that role, so time for new candles!

At the end of my monthly pay cycle (kill. me. now)*, and expecting friends for dinner last night I went into Bed Bath and Table.

They have a great range of brands in the candle department and decided on this beauty for $39.95

Morgan & Finch - 'Ripe Quince'

It worked a treat and everyone commented on how lovely it was.

Winning! But double win was the fact it reminded me very much of the best selling 'Baies' by Diptyque.

With a standard Diptyque candle retailing around $80 - I think the 'ripe quince' at half the price is a fantastic choice!

Another great buy x

*Yes, i live pay check to pay check. Yes, I'm an accountant. Do as I say, not as I do. OK?....