Sunday, December 28, 2014

Best of the Boxing Day Sales Online - Part two.

I'm gearing myself up for a 'cost conscious/ get your finances in order/ you are an accountant after all' 2015....... - well at least that is how I plan to start.

But that doesn't prevent me from hunting down the best of the best online. And yes - Megs and I have an online shop, but we still like to share some of our favourite stores and their sales as well.

Brown Button Trading still has some fantastic bargains in its sale section, with free shipping on all orders over $50.

I planned to END 2014 with some awesome bargains at one of my favourite Australian shoe stores, four pairs, half price - wouldn't have had to shop for shoes again for some time... but no - site was stuffed. Boo.

So lets focus on some other fabulous things I've seen....

My 'cyberspace' friend Keren Brown over at The Brown Trading Co. has 30% off the best bits! All nautical and pineapple collections. Get over there stat.

My sister and I agree to disagree most of the time but one thing we DO agree on is how much we both love Gorman. They have a great sale going on -  including their home wares. That prawn sweater is seriously calling my name...

I'm sure there are some other awesome bargains out there, and I must admit, I haven't trawled the sites as much as i should have - but I've been spoilt but this view (below) for the past 8 nights, tonight is my last before heading home. Going to spend a bit more night just 'water watching', and I'll be back blogging when I return home xx.

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