Friday, December 26, 2014

Best bits of the boxing day sales online - part one

I spend wayyyy too much time online. And hence I do a lot of online shopping. So much so that when I started working from home the local Australia Post Parcel Delivery dude asked me the first week if it was my birthday.... I had to explain I like to online shop so no, it wasn't my birthday, and lucky for him, he would have to see a lot more of me in the weeks coming. Between him and the deliveries for the shop, getting ready for the pop up shop - the street was a hive of activity. No surprises that Chuck was still the beau of the ball - melting the hearts of the delivery blokes. Seriously... 

First purchase and second delivery after I ventured into ebay land. This Tory Burch was a success. Even got a call up Christmas day, and some compliments! Just came across Adorne too (thanks cousin Lanah!) and me thinks this necklace would work with it (super busy, just how I like it) - but I love the pink and orange combo that Larn's has.

This Kate Spade jacket is heading my way - eat your heart out Cue and Veronica Maine - at a fraction of the price.

This Kate Spade spotty number is still in transit as well. Love a long sleeved dress especially in silk and colourful!

I love this. I had seen it in the Kate Spade shop in Manila while I was still traveling to the Philippines for work. Totally out of my price range and no fitting rooms in store, I left it. Happy to say this pretty now is pride of place in my wardrobe at the SFC. Found on ebay and guessed the size. Happy days, new dress and I love x

Oh and this little sparkly number.... I'm sure I'll get sooo much wear out of it?! - Kate Spade pretty again. Apparently it has arrived while i'm up in Noosa for Christmas. The super skinny me would do this with a black or white singlet with a fab flat sandal. But i've never met the super skinny me, so fingers and toes crossed this sequinned number eventually gets to see the light of day...

So the main idea of this post was to tell you about some fabulously priced pretties I'd found on line during the Boxing Day sales.... but I got side tracked with my ebay purchases, which could have been an entirely separate post. Sorry!

I haven't done nearly enough research yet - I'm still indulging in family time at Noosa over Christmas. Me. Who doesn't do Christmas. Its such a pleasant surprise! 

So I've gone to some of my staple 'go to's' to see what they were doing sales wise and will share that with you. The dress above? Kill. Me. Know. Sambag beauty at half price. 100% silk.

Sambag boho tribal clutch - you had me at hello. 50% off. 

I've lived in my "Olive & Clover" purchases this year. So beautifully curated, I wish the shop was my wardrobe. This will have to be next. Morocco Summer Dress  - now $90 (was $149.95)

More Sambag - because they are 'giving good sale' - this pony wedge is half price and on trend. Yes please! Now $95

A work staple and you shouldn't buy work wear unless its on sale. Patent leather nude wedge sling back - half price now $100 Love your work Sambag. 

Like I said - i've only just begun. The plan is to give you some of my favourites over the coming week. I'm thinking if I blog I won't spend myself???? bahahahhahahahahaaa xx

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