Sunday, October 19, 2014

New York..... New York....

My nearest and dearest are sick of me talking about going to New York, its always 'gonna' happen......

But this year has been ridiculous, and not in a great way. And while I know some of the things I want I have absolutely no control over, there are somethings I do. And how incredibly lucky I am to have what I have. So its about being grateful for those things and being proactive to plan things that I do have control over that will make me happy.

So I'm finally doing it. Despite the unknowns of the day to day in the months ahead, I'm locking in New York. May 2015. A whole month. I'm going to rent an apartment through airbnb and I'm going to live and breathe that place. On my own. Just starting the research tonight has me feeling lighter, and brighter... happy days! 

I'd love all the advice, tips, tricks and hints you have. From who to fly with (although QANTAS looked decent for this period), where to stay, what to see, where to people watch and where to wear out the credit card. Time to start doing. Living the life I'm planning to have. Now. x


  1. How did I miss this brilliant news? This is music to my ears, my love. Good on you! New York will bring out the best in you and make you feel alive. Hmm, could I go back for the third time in ten years? Only two years since my last little trip?! Tempting! I shall write up a list of 'musts' for you - you need to start booking some restaurants stat! Ha!

    I particularly loved the 75 times quote. It speaks to me and my 'live like you're on holiday mantra'. I endorse it!