Sunday, October 12, 2014

New Pretties to Purchase

Multi coloured word banner $18.95 - click to shop

Black word banner $18.95 - click to shop

Gold word banner $20 - click to shop

These Omm Design word banners are the business! They are so incredibly popular, they sell out quick and there are always back orders with the supplier.

So being the clever little chickens we are, we ordered LOTS this time, especially to cover the Christmas shopping period.

With 83 letters and symbols and a set of split pins, you can reuse over and over again. They are perfect for a celebration, a decorating item, and a friend of ours even uses them when she gift wraps, using the recipients initials. Friends with kids find it great to help their children with spelling, forming words and names. See, its even educational!?!

Our stocks are high of the black and multi coloured, we have a few of the gold left, with more gold coming in November.

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