Monday, October 20, 2014

Delicious Decorating

Pinterest is great but you don't often stop to see the source of the pic. I posted a gorgeous pic on our facebook site today and ensured I found the original source to mention it. Jackpot - like opening Aladdin's cave on delicious design. 

McGrath II is a mother and daughter team that creates space I want to live in. Colourful yet sophisticated and I say this is a positive way, restrained. I'd LOVE to recreate this look but I get a little carried away and my house kind of looks a little bit too fairy floss, but that's ok, that's me - despite what I desire and want to achieve, my home is my home because i've collected things I like, and if it looks like a unicorn has gone nuts with the rainbow dust, then so be it! (I also like scandi styling but I couldn't be more removed from that in real life if I try?!)

I've tried to refrain from re posting every image from their website here, but it was difficult!
Suzanne and Lauren McGrath are the business. Looking forward to following their work from now on x

Miss Kate, you'll be loving this as much as me i'm sure!!! xxxx


  1. So, I've just died and gone to heaven. This is gorgeous! I love a new find - and how wonderful we can now target our 'style stalking' and follow by actual designer! This is brilliant, good work Kimberlee! Trust you to know me better than I know myself. If only I wasn't living in what's essentially a uni flatshare and had a pretty blank canvas of my own to invest in. Will have to channel my desires into the SFC plans and live vicariously through you xx

  2. Hello, I haven't been on here in a while, but time to make a comment. That blue couch would look amazing in the front room of the SFC. #justsaying