Thursday, October 16, 2014

Any excuse!

I received a very exciting email earlier this week, asking if I was willing to have my home photographed for an internationally renowned home design and decor website... um, are you serious???
Shoot date is scheduled for November 10, and I'm not sure if that guarantees the photos will make their site, or when - so I shouldn't get too excited, buuuuuut, I do think it is more than a legitimate excuse to finally get some things for the SFC (single fronted cottage) I've been wanting for a while, right?!

Having said that, I don't have a lot of money to throw around so I have to be a little sensible (borrring)

I have ordered a coffee table. I don't have one - mainly because I've been searching for a reasonably price glass topped table for ages. West Elm's Terrace collection came to the rescue and I can't wait for this beauty to arrive. 

The lounge room also needs some decent lighting and I've been craving one of these copper pendants FOREVER. All the images above I have pinned. Please see here for sources.

I was concerned about the gold trim on the coffee table clashing with the copper. But good old 'Benita Sprout' (yes she's a good one!) thinks that i can get away with it. So I am. Yay.

Ok, I need a console table and I really haven't seen one I loved, especially at the prices - so I'm going with this. Yes that's right. For $65 I'm a very happy camper, love this more than the ones I say for $800?!

Hmmmm still deciding what else I can justify. Stay tuned. x

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  1. I am so excited you're going with that coffee table - it's the perfect choice, I heart it to bits! Isn't it great when we get gently pushed and it forces us to turn it up a gear? Just the motivation you needed to put some finishing touches on the SFC xx