Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What's your 'go to' show?

Do you have a favourite movie or TV series that is your 'go to' - when there is nothing else on, when you need a pick me up, a show you are more than happy to pretty much block out whole weekends to watch over and over again?

Yes Sex and the City is an obvious choice (and comes in the top five probably) - Absolutely Fabulous is definitely up there, Gavin and Stacey (if you haven't heard or seen - DO IT!) - so its definitely TV series for me.

Although when I was growing up my sister and I had a few movies we thrashed to death! Just recently a few of them have been on TV again and I've been reminded why we watched them over, and over, and over again. The Money Pit (Tom Hanks), Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Michael Caine and Steve Martin), and 'There's no business like show business' (Marilyn Monroe) - the VCR got a work out!

Will and Grace is my go to. Time and time again. I don't actually recall watching it when it originally aired. And the later series are better, I think when they realised the real stars of the show were Jack and Karen - I still giggle. And even though I have the box set and have gone through them so many times, every now and then its like I find a 'secret' episode, one I'm sure I haven't seen before. Gold.

I was so excited when I was looking for images for this post, that I found the top one. My friend Emma is a huge W&G lover too, many a day spent on my couch flicking through mags, drinking pepsi max and watching Will and Grace...... and we quote that scene often. Jack asking Karen for money - he 'swipes' the credit card symbolically at her bum, to which he is 'denied' a few times, she turns around and he 'swipes' at her chest (sheesh trying to use relatively politically correct words, tricky! he he) - at which point his transaction is 'approved'..... It really is funny, I promise.

Ok, gotta dash, watching Will and Grace, Grace has just realised she is pregnant. Season 8. Happy days... x

PS - total added bonus reminder as to why i loved this show, Josh Lucas made guest appearance. Swoooon.

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  1. Oh you've nailed the classics! I like to have The Holiday and Sliding Doors on repeat. Two of my all time favourite go-tos. I love how they both feature such unassuming romantic leads - Jack Black in The Holiday and John Hannah in Sliding Doors. Not my usual guys, but I LOVE them in these roles. Will & Grace will always be a stand out for me. Debra Messing is the bees' knees, beautiful clothes throughout and then of course, we move on to Smash which I love. And you can't beat a Glee marathon when you need a pick me up. There's nothing a Warbler scene can't make better xx